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About Us

We are the daughter’s of Michael T. White. We grew up by his side, in the world of recovery, until he passed away from cancer in 2016. He was 20 years sober and in the middle of  impacting lives, one recovery story at a time. We are here to continue this work. We know, first hand, how one man’s recovery can change the life of everyone around them. We want to assist in removing barriers for those pursuing a new life. 

We work with the following sober living homes to ensure your transition from active illness to recovery is smooth. If you would like to learn more about a sober living home, please call Sam at 502-690-4286.

We are a nonprofit organization with a goal to assist in removing barriers for those fighting the battle of addiction and/or mental illness.

With love,
Mike’s girls 

Our Story

What Sobriety Means to Me

I’m a Sobriety Baby.

That’s what my father would always share with me. Every time I turned a year old, he would too in sober living years. He would hold my hand into NA and AA meeting rooms, halfway homes, gymnasiums, and churches sharing his story. With me, his sobriety baby, looking up to him. Looking out to his people— as they shared the turn arounds of their lives. How they became sober, just for that day— with their children, families and friends in their hands, minds and hearts. 

As young as seven, I heard recovery stories that seemed impossible to overcome and some that involved children like me with parents only days less than a year do sobriety. 

With my father in my hand sharing his story I grew an ear of compassion, humility, and love for recovery. 

Here I am 26, home owner, business owner, graduate degree, healthy and community involved. Because of sobriety. 

There’s power in supporting those who are trying. Trying to tell their stories, overcome the disease of addiction, and live healthy abundant lives. 

I witnessed my father tell us stories about me, my sisters, his trials and and saw the fruit of his sobriety move people to create a life committed to recovery. 

That’s what Seeds of New Leaf represents. Its President is a child of recovery, a child that experienced first hand the stories our father shared and the fight of the disease towards an abundant spiritual sober life. 

Teresa Walker M.D. has created a mental health medical institution for recovering addicts and alcoholics called New Leaf Clinic that supports their mental health and recovery experience with medical and day program intervention. Seeds of New Leaf is a non-profit that supports the recovering clients with assistance to address the barriers that arise during early stages of a sober life. Seeds of New Leaf takes care of transitional/sober-living housing costs, transportation coast, identification costs, childcare, and so much more. 

Seeds of New Leaf’s mission to eliminate those barriers. With your support, we can fund a sober life in its early stages to reach years and years of sobriety. 



Removing Barriers

Housing Assistance

Treatment First Program

Most people in severe addiction need a sober living environment but many don’t have the money to pay even the first week of rent. They’re rushed into work, where there are triggers, expectations, and are quickly overwhelmed and at risk of relapse. The purpose of this program is to ease the pressure felt during this vulnerable time. 

We assist those in early recovery from substances with housing. The client must live at an approved partnering sober living home and fully engaged as a client at New Leaf Clinic Inc. This allows them to focus on their underlying causes of addiction, prior to rushing back into employment. It allows them to have a strong foundation of recovery, coping skills, and mental health first. Our case manager and peer support specialist help them transition to part-time work and then full-time. All while being monitored by therapists and our psychiatrist.

Filling in the Gaps

Removing Obstacles to Recovery

With this initiative, our goal is provide the necessities for sustained recovery. It is to provide resources for those with little hope and few funds during their stages of recovery.

Rolling Recovery

Treatment on Demand Van

If you are seeking substance abuse treatment , you will be able to call our mobile response van 24/6 (Closed Sundays). We will come out, triage, make a referral to the appropriate level of care, and take you there. We will help you navigate any barriers through that process. 


“Doing something for others without looking for something in return”
Michael T. White

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