Our intensive and rehabilitation outpatient program serves those with substance use disorders, severe mental illness, or both. We understand that addiction has biological and psychological origins. Our group of therapists are trained in addiction therapy specifically and we strive to develop a relationship with you to help move you along the spectrum of change. Each patient will have an assessment to see which services below are the right fit for them.

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Peer support specialist
  • Case management
  • Medication management
  • Daily living skills
  • Medication-assisted treatment

New Leaf Day Program

For Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Our purpose is to assure that a person diagnosed with a severe mental illness, has the opportunity to possess the physical, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary to live, learn and work in their own environment.

An assessment of needs will be completed and a treatment plan formulated to meet these needs. Daily groups are provided by a counselor, art therapist, music therapist, or peer support specialist.

​We provide coffee and snacks daily. We also provide transportation to people who live within 4 miles within our current and old address (2600 W. Broadway).

Substance Abuse Recovery

Medication-Assisted Treatment For opioid and alcohol use disorders

We provide an assessment of substance abuse disorders and determine whether or not you would be appropriate for treatment supported with medication. This is a life-changing treatment that allows people to take their lives back.

At New Leaf, we understand that addiction has biological and psychological origins. We provide group therapy for our patients to give them the best chance at sustained recovery. Includes groups led by peer support specialists and therapists.

Peer Support System

Care from Your Perspective
Our peer support program for people struggling with addiction and mental illness. It provides patients with treatment from a perspective from people who, themselves, have fought with addiction and are able to share their path to recovery. A very powerful program that has touched our members in meaningful ways.

Case Management

Connecting You to Resources
Our case manager will do an assessment of needs and connect you to the necessary resources.