Your Partners in Recovery

My name is Wendell Stone and my sobriety date is August 9, 2019. I am forever grateful to that day, and forever thankful to New Leaf Clinic for providing me with tools in order to keep that sobriety date. I have been to almost every program in Louisville, Ky and failed. It wasn’t until I found New Leaf that I could maintain my sobriety.  I will never forget how I felt being 6 months sober, and still having no purpose in life or anywhere to go. I didn’t have any goals or anyone that I could lean on for support. The only thing that I had was a date since the last time I had used a mind or mood altering substance. Someone recommended looking into an IOP program called New Leaf Clinic, and that was the best advice they could have given me. They not only gave me a place to lay my head, but paid the rent for me during my time at the clinic. When I didn’t have a ride they picked me up and dropped me off. When I was hungry they fed me. If a barrier got in the way, New Leaf not only told me how I should break it down, but assisted me with breaking it.  Every excuse that I could come up with to remain complacent with my situation, they presented a solution to encourage progress. New Leaf challenged me to reach my full potential.  Coming from where I have been this wasn’t an easy task but they were a definite answer to all of my prayers. Most IOP programs that I have attended are basic education, but it was something about the way the group leaders at New Leaf broke down my Substance Use Disorder in a way that I understood what was going on with my addiction. I felt like I had found a new family, I wasn’t ashamed to share things that I once tried to hide in a closet. New Leaf taught me how to take remorseful situations and look them in the eye. My past which was once something that I used as self pity to drink or use drugs became a learning experience. New Leaf loved me back to life when I was in a hopeless state of mind, and even after completing it kept me under the New Leaf Clinic umbrella. After being in active addiction for over two decades, today I am over two years clean and sober, working full-time, and giving back by sponsoring other individuals suffering from the disease of addiction. God is good, and thank god for New Leaf Clinic!

New Leaf gave me a New Life. Being so er made me see the world totally different. It’s like I had a new pair of eyes because I seen everything with a clear mind. They showed me that I am worth something and they gave me my voice back. They made me feel so welcomed and I stayed there long after I graduated the program. New Leaf was my new addiction I just love that place. I feel so much better now than I ever have. And New Leaf was a big part of it .

I have been a patient at New Leaf since November 14, 2018. I have struggled with addiction for 20 years, since I’ve been there I have been sober. They have an amazing team, that’s welcomed me from the beginning. And I’ve got my life back and learning how to live again, with all their support Dr. Walker included. Never been to any treatment that the Doctor interacts with the patient’s as well. I am still there working hard with all the support I could ask for and have got so to live for now. LOVE YOU DR. WALKER, BIG JAY, ERIC, NIKKI & TAHONDRA, I’M BLESSED & GREATFUL!

New Leaf Clinic is one of the best kept secrets in the West End of Louisville !
It’s unique approach to assisting the community with Mental Health Issues and Substance Use Disorders all in one place. The
Doctor, Therapist’s, Nursing Staff and Peer Support are on site all day every day ! They made our family whole again! Thank you